awaken revival...

Join us in witnessing God's transformative movement within American colleges. We invite you to be part of a revival where we unite in prayer, testimonies, and worship to forge a deeper connection with the Divine. Help us bring this spiritual awakening to campuses near you and contribute to the Great American Awakening currently unfolding.

The vision instilled in our hearts is monumental; we envision a revival sweeping across our nation. We embark on this journey with unwavering trust and faith, firmly believing that God's work is already underway, and that this endeavor may even open spiritually closed doors in the eastern regions.

At NX Ministries, we are fervent advocates for spreading the gospel's good news. We firmly believe that the message of Christ and His boundless compassion for all people form the bedrock of a thriving Christian life and community.

Our mission is to share the joy and love of God with those who seek a deeper connection with the Divine. We are committed to following the guidance of God's Spirit, much like the recent resurgence of spiritual fervor in American colleges, as well as cultivating a profound relationship with God through His divine power, our prayer, and heartfelt worship.

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